Frequently Asked Questions

 I created two accounts by mistake. Can I merge them?

  Unfortunately not. You need to decide to use one of your accounts. If you want to deactivate another one please contact us. 

 I forgot my password. What should I do?

  No problem! On the sign in page, simply click on “Forgot?” Then follow the instructions.

What should I do when I find a match?

 When you find the best match for your pet, you should contact the pet parents through email or phone number he/she provides on his/her  pet profile. We suggest you do not hesitate to ask any question you may have and if you make sure this is a match, try a meet-up. 

What should I ask about at a meet-up?

We offer a list of helpful tips for both sides to help them get the full benefit from their meet-ups. See Pet Mating Meet-Up.

How do I make a complaint about another user?

Our online community is based on the value of mutually respectful communication. If you have concerns, please Contact Us.

How is EasPet a better way to find a mate?

It was too hard to find a suitable mate for your lovely pet. Before EasPet, if you are looking for a suitable mate for your pet, you should try traditional ways; speak with a breeder in person, join a kennel club or attend pet shows. Or try online ways like facebook groups, breeder’s websites and related online forums. There are no other pet mating websites that show you pets uploaded from other pet parents who are looking for a mate by mentioning all necessary details. Finding a mate in EasPet is so easy and exciting. You could search the best match by filtering posts and also will be able to post your pet profile to let others find yours. 

Can I search for a pet mate without paying a fee?

Browsing the profiles of dogs and cats on easpet.com is free to all. Contacting and meeting up with pet parents are also free.

I am looking for a certain breed. What should I do?

Pets’ breeds are shown on the search results pages as well as on the pet details page of each pet’s profile listed. Currently, you can filter by location, breeds, age, gender and size.

Is the pet I see on EasPet still available for mating?

We try our best to ensure that the status of pets profiled is always up-to-date. Availability is updated every day. If we can’t verify a pet is still available in a maximum of five days, their profile is suspended.

How often is EasPet updated with new pets?

New profiles are published every day, as soon as they are created and approved.

Can I save my favorite pets?

Yes! You can save your favorite pets and return to them whenever you like through your profile.

I’ve found a match I’m interested in. Now what?

Wonderful! You’re ready to begin contacting pet parents. Find hi/her contact information on the pet profile page and make a call or send an email. 

How do I know the pet is healthy?

You can never be 100% sure of the health of an animal; not from a shelter or a pet store or anywhere else. But EasPet does offer as part of its mating package a participating veterinarian who will examine the pet at no extra charge.

What if the mate has a medical issue?

Both you and the other pet parent want the best mate for your pet. So, we highly recommend you to visit a vet and also a breeder before taking any action and follow their instruction to do mating.

How do I list my pet?

It just takes a few minutes to post your pet’s profile. You just need to fill the application form and upload some favorite photos and publish the profile on EasPet.com for other pet parents to see.

Is there a fee to list my pet on EasPet?

No. Publishing a pet profile is free for 7 days and you will be charged nothing. If you want to extend your post or boost your pet profile to be seen by more pet parents you could pay a small fee according to the offer you chose.

What is boosting a profile?

Boosting is how you can, by paying a fee, increase the impact of your pet’s profile. You can do this by adding content: longer story, more photos, longer video. You can also buy more prominent placement for your pet’s profile at the top of Browse Pets, have easpet.com send out your personal email message to other pet parents, and have your message posted to EasPets’s followers on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be able to boost your pet’s profile anytime after you’ve published it. The Promote  button will be on your Dashboard.