How dogs mate? 

When the male and female get to know each other by smelling and licking, by rubbing their tongues together, they express the meaning that they have reached an understanding for mating

Among the signs that the dog is ready for sex, we can mention things like: licking, sniffing, standing and holding the tail on one side. After that intercourse, the male becomes much more excited than the female and guides the female to a suitable position and then jumps on the female’s back.

Then the male holds the female’s sides from the back of the pelvis with his two hands and inserts his penis into the female’s vagina. The female also stands firmly under the male in this position during intercourse. Intercourse begins with continuous and fast movements of the male, and in this situation the male, who is consuming a lot of energy, squeezes hard and tries his best to perform the act of intercourse correctly. This operation takes about 5 to 10 minutes, and after that the male instinctively descends from the back of the female, but his penis, which is greatly swollen during this time, remains in the female’s vagina and is locked.






Note that at this time you should not scare the animal or put stress on them, because in addition to causing damage or tearing of the female vagina, it is likely to break. The penis is also endless.

If you decide to mate your dog it is highly recommended to visit a vet or breeder and follow the instructions they provide. 

We are also here to help you find a suitable mate for your dog. On EasPet you could easily find a mate nearby and you could also post your lovely dog information to let other dog parents find yours.




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