How to Find a Mate

EasPet is an online website where you can find a mating partner for your Pet like dogs or cats

 It’s really simple to find the best match on Visit pets looking for a mate here and use filters to find what you are looking for. To find a pet nearby, you should select your location, then the result will be only the pets in your city. If your pet is a male and you are looking for a female, or if you are looking for a mate in a specific age you could easily select the gender or age and we will show you exactly what you are looking for. The most important criterion you  should be awarded is breed. It’s highly recommended to find out which breed is or is NOT suitable to mate by consulting with a vet or breeders.On EasPet we made it happen to filter pets by their breed so you could find the best match in seconds. 

After you set all filters and apply, we will show you the results according to your filters. You could check the profiles and see lots of details regarding the pet’s general info, Training info, Personality and Health. When you feel it is a match you could contact the pet parents by making a call or sending an email.



In case you do not have enough time to see posts daily to find a match or you do not find any desired profile, Then you could post your pet profile by filling the application form and uploading a few nice and clear photos of your pet. It will be easy for other pet parents to find your pet if anyone likes yours. Posing a pet is free on and you could boost your post any time after it’s published. However, the boosted posts will show more. 

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